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Quick Fact: ATS stands for "Against The Spread".

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Welcome to my NBA predictions website. Below I will be posting my NBA betting picks each day for the games being played on that day. I usually only find 1 or 2 picks to play daily as I am pretty selective, but my goal is to be profitable over the course of the season.


I have moved everything from this site over to - you can find our NBA picks here:

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More on How My Picks Work:

1 unit = 1% of my bankroll.

For those new to betting a "bankroll" is the amount you have available to bet with (essentially the amount you have available to "lose". Although your goal is never to lose money, this is gambling after all).

When the odds are -110 I will be risking 1.10 unit to win 1 unit. If the odds were -108 I would be risking 1.08 units to win 1 unit.

From time to time I may "step out" with a larger 5 unit play if I find something I really see value in. This would be risking to win 5 units.

So to put it all together: if you have $1,000 to bet with you would be playing to win $10 on 1 unit plays. On 5 unit plays you'd be betting to win $50.

A lot of casual NBA bettors tend to bet 20%, 30% or even 50% of their bankroll on each play, but over the course of the season you are going to lose 3, 4, 5 or more plays in a row and end up losing your entire bankroll. Keep your wagers low in comparison to your bankroll and watch your bankroll grow with consistent winning picks over the long haul (remember it's a marathon not a sprint).


The Free NBA predictions and picks listed above are based on betting on the games, meaning we take the odds into consideration when making our picks. Our NBA predictions will include betting against the spread, and over/under or game total picks. For those who are unfamiliar with NBA betting you have come to the right place to help you learn. If you are unsure how to read our betting odds listed with our daily NBA predictions than you can read our NBA Betting Odds article for a clear explanation.

I am the first to admit that the NBA isn't my best sport for handicapping, but I tend to do well with any sport I bet on. In fact I have hundreds of happy clients for my NHL, MLB, and NFL football picks yearly - and have helped many clients win a lot of money. My success comes from being selective and putting a lot of time and energy into researching and watching games.

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2012-2013 NBA Champions Odds:
Miami Heat - +220
Los Angeles Lakers - +290
Oklahoma City Thunder - +465
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Older Content:

Our NBA Predictions website does not only feature daily NBA free picks, but we also have predictions within the NBA. We have four main sections of predictions for anyone who is interested in predictions other than daily games. We have an NBA Champions Predictions page where we talk about who we think has a shot at this years 2009-2010 NBA Championship, along with the odds to go along with them winning it all. We also have done something similar for both conferences with our NBA Eastern Conference predictions and NBA Western Conference predictions. Because a lot of NBA fans are curious on who others think will win the MVP award for the season we have also included our NBA MVP predictions, along with betting odds listed on some of the top NBA players on winning the award.

We have continued to have a winning record with our NBA predictions year in and year out, and look to continue that for this 2011-2012 season. The people who make the predictions are winning sports bettors, and we profit every year with our NBA picks. We bet on each free prediction listed above ourselves, so you can trust that we truly believe in our NBA predictions we provide!

We are proud to be the number one NBA prediction resource, and want to be for many years. Please get in contact with us if there is anything you think we can do to improve our site.

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